Want to write for Petworth News? I'm looking for contributors!

It's really not like this ...

It's really not like this ...

If you're already involved in the community -- or want to be more involved -- and enjoy writing, I'm looking for contributors to write for Petworth News. I'm happy to chat with anyone who lives in Petworth, Park View, Brightwood, Crestwood, Shepherd Park, etc. I'm particularly looking for people who live in North Petworth and all around Petworth.

I stopped covering ANC 4D meetings, and I'd really like to find someone interested in taking the notes from that Advisory Neighborhood Commission, or to cover the times I can not attend ANC 4C meetings (for example, this upcoming September I won't be able to attend the 4C meeting).

Petworth News is and will remain for and about our local community and is not expanding city-wide. 20,000 people read the blog each month on average, including four members of the DC Council, MPD and other city leaders, so your exposure and potential influence on issues important to neighbors can really have an impact.

Whether you want to write once a week or once a month, want to write about social issues, restaurants, crime, highlight people doing great things in our community or other cool ideas, send me an email and we'll chat. 

Requirements: Be someone who wants to be involved in the neighborhood. Be willing to interview people, go to meetings or restaurants, talk to city agencies or officials, and be able to write up your articles in a casual, friendly tone. You have to be relatively neutral to politics, have a sense of humor (snark is ok) and open to chase after a story, whether it's a feel good story, interview or funny moment. This is not a paid position, but you'll get lots of good feelings for helping readers be informed and engaged, and helping your community feel like a neighborhood.

It's kinda more like this...

It's kinda more like this...

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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