Come ridicule the Trump kakistocracy in a fiction book release party at Slash Run!

Petworth resident Philip Becnel just published his first book, Freedom City, a satire about post-Trump America with Trump dead and the new "alt-left" trying to save us all from the fascists. Hilarity ensues.

Join Philip at Slash Run (201 Upshur St NW) at 8pm on Friday, January 19th who will read from his book. Then stay for the band The Fuss who will entertain you for the rest of the night! The book release party is free, and there is a suggested donation of $5 for the band.

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In his debut novel "Freedom City," Philip Becnel hilariously ridicules the current kakistocracy (government run by the worst people) in a gripping satire that pays homage to "The Monkey Wrench Gang."

After President Trump unceremoniously dies from a stroke, four misfits from D.C. sever the heads of Confederate statues and wage a comedic guerrilla war on post-Trump America. When President Pence enlists droves of fascist volunteers to crush the “alt-left” uprising, the rebels must risk their lives to run the fascists out of D.C. What follows is not only a battle for survival—but a desperate search for remnants of what once made America great: compassion, empathy, and love. 

The launch will include a reading followed by The Fuss! There will be a $5 suggested donation to stay for the band, but the launch itself is free.