Upcoming MPD PSA meetings for 401, 404 and 407

Patrol Services Building (801 Shepherd St NW)

The Metropolitan Police Department holds regular meetings with the local Police Service Area Lieutenants to give residents an opportunity to ask questions, share feedback and get to know local MPD leadership. Attendance at the PSA meetings are important for residents and for MPD -- you get to meet them, they get to meet the community. And they listen, so if you have a concern, this is one of the best times to share it.

PSA 401 Lt. Donald Ennis

August 9th
7pm Shepherd Park Library (7420 Georgia Ave NW)
meetings are the second Wednesday of the month

PSA 404 Lt. Frank Martello

August 8th
6:30pm Patrol Services Building (801 Shepherd St NW)
meetings are the second Tuesday of the month

PSA 407 Lt. Eddie Fowler

August 17th
7pm Patrol Services Patrol Services Building (801 Shepherd St NW)
meetings are every other month and take place on the third Thursday of the month

Please share this information with your neighbors.

Please note that your interaction with your PSA/Sector Supervisors is not limited to the PSA meeting setting, they are available via email and phone as well for your convenience.   

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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