ANC 4C draft agenda with summaries

In a useful first for ANC 4C, the draft agenda sent out for next week's August meeting includes some short summations of the agenda items. The intention is to give residents an opportunity to understand what will be discussed and contact their commissioners with questions. They will also be voting on a new Vice Chair, as the prior Vice Chair, Joe Maloney, has resigned from the commission. (Seat's open if you're interested.)

The meeting is Wednesday, August 12 at 6:30 at the Petworth Library.

Below is the agenda with summations, as sent out by both ANC 4C Secretary Taalib-Din Uqdah and Commissioner Zach Teutsch:

"All 4C residents are entitled to speak during the 'community comment' period of the meeting. This period comes at the begining so that everyone may way in on agenda items that are important to them. It is also encouraged to use one's 2 minute time portion to announce community events or other topics that might be of interest to folks across the neighborhood." Commissioner Zach Teutsch

The following agenda is for the meeting of August 12, 2015 of the Neighborhood Advisory Commission 4C. The agenda, which is set during an executive committee meeting, is referred to as the "draft" agenda until adopted by the majority of Commissioners at an official meeting. Currently, the presence of five of the nine sitting ANC 4C Commissioners constitutes a quorum.  Please share this information with any of your neighbors who may have an interest.

ANC 4C will host the August 12, 2015 meeting at the Petworth Library in the Community Meeting room on the lower level.   The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm.

Added as part of our public notification process, is a summation or explanation of each of our draft agenda items; the purpose of which, is to allow the affected community, sufficient time to address each item to your SMD Commissioner before Wednesday's meeting or be prepared, in advance of our public meeting, to make comments during our public comment period.

Public Space Proposal ANC Notification and Great Weight -Commissioner Uqdah
This matter is to solicit a written response from DDOT's Public Space Administrator, in proposing the inclusion of ANC notification and its "great weight" authority, whenever streets are being blocked-off and public space being occupied for farmers' markets or other special events and to expand their scope. 

Roosevelt Expedited Return Proposal – Commissioner Teutsch
This matter seeks a written response from DCPS and other District educational officials concerning our proposal that Roosevelt High School students return to their building in when it is ready (December 2015) rather than the fall 2016-2017 school year.

Construction/Modernization of Schools Proposal - Commissioner Teustch
This matter proposed that, as DCPS and Charters continue their construction and modernization processes throughout the city, the public be kept informed of their progress and notifications, with explanations, be given of any delays and their effect(s) on the parents and student populations. 

Authorization to organize Public Hearing concerning Roosevelt project status - Commissioner Teustch
ANC 4C is calling for and, if this motion is successful, will convene a public hearing of city officials, parents, students and the general public, to take testimony, and provide a written report on the delays, failures and inadequate notifications to parents and students surrounding the Roosevelt High School modernization project. 

ABRA Matters:
809 Upshur Timber Pizza Settlement Agreement – Commissioner Hayworth
Utilizing approximately 1,000sf of interior space and a patio in the former Christ Redeemer AME Episcopal Church, a once food truck pizza enterprise, serving "Neapolitan-style" pizza, is seeking an ABRA license and has come to conditional terms with the SMD residents.

Letter of Support BZA Case #18991, 1521 Varnum St., NW – Commissioner Irwin
Approved back in February 2015 and after numerous delays, the BZA case of 4C03 resident John Stokes – calling for the construction of a 7-unit apartment building in a R-4 zone – is scheduled for September 2015.

Letter of Support BZA Case #18138-C, Christian Family Montessori School Special Exception 5-Year Renewal – Commissioner Martin
With access and egress on Webster St., NW, ANC 4C was asked to provide a continuing LOS for the school, which requires a Special Exception because its location is on the grounds of a church/cemetery.

New Business:
Nominations for Vice-Chair – Commissioner Galloway
The BOE has given notice that the SMD seat of our former Vice-Chair, 4C02 Commissioner Joe Maloney, is vacated.  ANC By-laws require a replacement.

Authorization for Sani-John – Commissioner Jones
Annual community event – Fish Fry – requiring public facilities 

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