Learn about candidates for ANC 4D

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D serves north Petworth, Brightwood and Brightwood Park. A quietly effective ANC, 4D is made up of some professional people this term who have put in place extremely helpful community events like 4D Day,  a health fair, participated in the Kennedy Street Festival and held legal-assistance events for returning citizens and youth. And zero name calling or cursing during public meetings. 

Below are the candidates in alphabetical order who are running for election for 2016. All of the existing commissioners are running for reelection, and there are two new names providing competition. All content is supplied by the candidates and published unedited.

Candidates with no information signify those who chose not to respond, even after repeated attempts to contact them. Make of that what you will. 

ANC 4D Candidates

Renée L. Bowser (4D02)

Photo: Petworth News

I’m a fifth term ANC Commissioner. I’m a proud trade unionist and labor/employment lawyer engaged in a career of broadening opportunities for working class families and enhancing civil and human rights for all in our community through legislation, litigation, and collective bargaining. I’m a member of Empower DC, DC National Lawyers Guild, and Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ’s Board of Social Action.

As an ANC Commissioner, I have established great lines of communication in order to fulfill my obligation to communicate with all of our diverse constituents regardless whether they are internet enabled. I work to empower my neighborhoods through information and action. I respond to constituents’ large and small concerns with the view toward helping us live cooperatively together in our row house communities. I advocate for safe, well-maintained housing that is truly affordable to all as well as training and jobs for our community as the most powerful tools for achieving an integrated community with lasting public safety.

Why are you running for ANC?
I’m running for ANC in order to continue pressure on DC’s public agencies to prioritize the use of public resources for advancing our residents’ needs with respect to housing, employment, and education, and to do so equitably. I will use my voice in conjunction with my fellow Commissioners to provide “great weight” in finding lasting solutions to upgrading our community in all areas. I want to organize my community to pressure DC to enforce its many progressive laws rather than merely allowing them to exist on paper.

I will continue to work to pressure DC agencies to develop policies and priorities and follow through on them. For example, DDOT must publish priorities for repairing streets, alleys, and sidewalks, and then make those repairs without forcing constituents to endure waits of many months, even years. Additionally, I will fight for residents of all incomes to be able to reside in our community and work to make all types of housing the best it can be, whether temporary or long-term.


Krystal Branton (4D05)

Photo courtesy of the candidate

My name is Krystal Branton and I am from Washington, D.C. Following high school graduation I relocated to Atlanta, GA to complete my undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice and immediately returned to the area to pursue a graduate degree in Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies at Howard University. Furthermore, I have previous work experience at a non-profit organization, local government agencies and departments. Currently, I work at the District of Columbia Office on Aging, within the External Affairs and Communications Division.

Why are you running for ANC?
Considering my personal interest in community work, it was a natural decision to run for the position of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for SMD 4D05. A few of my accomplishments include the following:

  • Attended regular and special meetings.
  • Created a Back-to-School Fest at Barnard ES for the community.
  • Planned a Youth Summer Skate Jam in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office on Community Relations, and the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC).
  • Assisted in the jump-start of the 4D Community Fun Day.
  • Co-Hosted ANC 4D's Community Health Fair.
  • Recommended mandatory Quarterly 4D Commissioner Retreats.
  • Participated in the MPD Citizen Ride-Along Program.  
  • Suggested vital budget changes, as Treasurer, to assist in the reallocation of funds.
  • Established a 4D05 community snow team to provide assistance.
  • Requested & received illegal dumping signs to deter the collection of trash.
  • Reported pothole, trash removal, and repairs in a timely manner.
  • Recommended new bilingual monthly meeting signs to assist with community inclusion.

As a candidate for re-election, I remain committed to serving the 4D05 community, and surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, I look forward to more collaborations, planning, and the introduction of new ideas that will continue building and fostering positive, safe, and active neighborhoods.
Thank you in advance for your vote and I look forward to continuing the work started in 4D05! I can be reached directly by email CommissionerKrystal@gmail.com, 4D05@anc.dc.gov or phone 202-285-7202.


Lisa Colbert (4D03)

No information submitted. Running against Aaron Polkey, see his information below.


Amy Hemingway (4D06)

Photo courtesy of the candidate

I've had two decades of experience to prepare me for this community role including interning in DC Mayor Anthony Williams' administration, organizing citywide and community events, facilitating state economic development, liaising with stakeholders on nationwide policy issues, and creating opportunities for international cultural exchange.

I'm also a wife, mother and communications professional, and I want to raise the voices of residents in my Petworth community on matters of importance.

  • I am resourceful: Through my policy, political and communications experience, I will help you navigate the complexity that is DC government.
  • I am reliable: I will show up for our community at meetings, be accessible and do what I say I'm going to do.
  • l am a connector: I will listen to the needs of our community and reflect them back to the government and others, from real estate developers to community organizations to MPD to the snow removal crew.
  • I am a convener: I will host meet-and-greets and gatherings in Sherman Circle, providing regular opportunities for conversation and support.
  • I am forward-looking: I will keep an eye on trends affecting other areas to prepare for what's next in our community from crime trends to pop-backs/ups.

Why are you running for ANC?
I am running for three overarching reasons:

  1. I love Petworth and I want to give back by fostering a more connected community, collaboratively solving problems and increasing access to opportunities.
  2. There is room for improvement in Petworth and I believe my experience can keep us moving in the right direction.
  3. Both new and long-time residents have expressed a need for a proactive commissioner to connect them to information, services and one another.

Many have said, “That’s great, but what is motivating you?” To be honest, it’s my neighbors. My family has thoroughly enjoyed living in Petworth, particularly in our little nook on Sherman Circle. It’s both fun and comforting to be surrounded by good people.

We have had a lot of discussions about the good, the bad and the ugly in our neighborhood. We share new ideas and solutions to problems, and when we learn about a cool opportunity, we tell each other. If our broader community connected this way, it’d be even more vibrant. And that’s what I want to inspire.

I look at this as just the beginning of my Petworth community involvement. And so does Greater Greater Washington, which has endorsed me.

Visiting with neighbors has reinforced my belief that ANC commissioners should play a meaningful role in improving the quality of life of people in our community. I have seen many opportunities to share information and take action – and so far, I have done so by:

  • Knocking on residents’ doors and hosting events on Sherman Circle Social
  • Introducing myself to Georgia Avenue business owners
  • Taking a “block-by-block” approach to public safety by cataloguing vacant properties, broken street lights and alley trash issues, among others
  • Discussing crime, paid family leave, Sherman Circle beautification and economic development with Councilmember Brandon Todd and other commissioners
  • Engaging with MPD to prioritize our concerns and doing a ride- along
  • Delivering fliers to 600+ households
  • Connecting on Facebook and through my website

I am very enthusiastic about being your representative. People deserve a visible, helpful and community-oriented commissioner and that’s what I intend to be. Learn more at www.ancamy.com, email me at ancamy4D06@gmail.com and connect with me at www.facebook.com/ANCAmy4D06.

Better yet, meet me at the Sherman Circle Halloween Parade on October 30, starting at 4pm or at the Sherman Circle Social on November 2, starting at 5:30pm. Thank you!


Aaron Polkey (4D03)

Photo courtesy of the candidate

I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina, and first moved to DC to attend Georgetown University. After graduation, I attended law school at home in South Carolina, and returned to DC to practice public interest law.

Professionally, I am a passionate advocate for underserved communities. Currently, I am a Staff Attorney with Futures Without Violence, working to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children. I previously served as an Attorney Advisor with the DC Office of the Tenant Advocate, where I fought for due process and affordable safe housing for the community’s most vulnerable residents. I also advocated for equal voting rights with a national non-profit organization, and practiced law with a prominent firm that specializes in civil rights law.

Why are you running for ANC?
As a former employee of the DC government, I learned about the important role of the ANCs and the ways commissioners can help improve their neighbors’ quality of life. I believe that every resident should know the name and contact information of their ANC commissioner, deserve a prompt reply should they communicate a concern, and have easy access to information about DC government updates and opportunities.

I am running to vigorously and diligently advocate for your concerns to any and all responsible officials within the DC government. I am also running to:

  • Advocate for restoring vacant properties as affordable housing in a manner that respects long-term and new residents alike;
  • Demand equal attention to alley and sidewalk grass restoration;
  • Explore innovative approaches to crime prevention, such as youth conflict resolution programs that work in other neighborhoods;
  • Take advantage of the upcoming transition of the police command structure under a new police chief to make sure our neighborhood’s policing needs are known and prioritized; and
  • Improve amenities and beautify Sherman Circle and triangle parks.
  • See Aaron Polkey's Campaign Flyer about why he's running for ANC.


Bill Quirk (4D06)

Photo courtesy of the candidate

Bill Quirk is a four-term Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner representing Single Member District 4D06. He has lived in Petworth for 12 years with his wife, Suzanne, and his 5-year-old son Cameron. Bill works for Children's National Health System and is an attorney licensed in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He has worked on improving Petworth in a variety of ways including many public safety issues, signage, lighting and crosswalks around Sherman Circle, successfully advocating for the repaving of alleys and the installation of traffic calming measures throughout the neighborhood.

Why are you running for ANC?
I am running for re-election to the ANC because I believe, while we have made great progress in improving our neighborhood, there is still more work to do. Our neighborhood has seen incredible improvements recently and become more safe due to the fact that we have diligent ANCs looking out for public safety issues and working regularly with MPD. MPD is more responsive to the concerns of ANC 4D in large part because they are familiar with the ANCs representing the neighborhood. These improvements in public safety have served as the foundation for many other improvements throughout the neighborhood. I would like to continue to build upon our progress.


Nancy E. Roth (4D01)

No information submitted. Running unopposed.


David Sheon (4D04)

Photo: Petworth News

As ANC commissioner, I try my hardest to help any neighbors in need of assistance. My top priority is to see that anyone who wants to live peacefully in our neighborhood can do so. I have lived in DC for 28 years, and Petworth for 15 years.

Why are you running for ANC?
I believe that many of our neighbors are not getting the assistance from our city or from each other that they need. I want to see our community embrace all of its residents with the grace and respect everyone deserves.

(Ed Note: David Sheon is what an ANC commissioner should be and Petworth News heartily endorses his reelection. David is proactive, he's aggressive about supporting resident needs and keeping DC agencies accountable. He's running unopposed, but vote for him anyway if he represents your Single Member District -- he deserves every vote.)