ANC 4C May 2018 draft meeting agenda

The following is the draft agenda for the May 9th meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C. The meeting will be at the Petworth Library in the Community Meeting room on the lower level.  The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm. The agenda is always available online.

Call to Order

  1. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners

  2. Approval of Agenda

  3. Reading and Approval of the April 2018 Meeting Minutes

  4. Treasurer’s Report

  5. Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each)

  6. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)

  • Please watch the light. When it turns yellow please wrap up your comments.
  • Comments about later agenda items should be held until that discussion.
  • Candidates for elected office may not use the Community Comment to promote their campaign per a decision of the Office of Campaign Finance


  1. PEPCO presentation on proposed Carbon Rebate Fee legislation

  2. Put a Price On It, Carbon Rebate Fee response (2 min

  3. Fall Gala Honoring the DC Black Arts Repertory Company Lyn Dyson, MMTI Chairman


  • BZA #19773 (Commissioner Campbell)


  1. Carbon Fee and Rebate Program Resolution (Commissioner Goodman)

  2. 4101 Arkansas Ave (Commissioner Halpern)

  3. Letter to DGS and DPR to request community access to pool at Roosevelt High (Commissioner Teutsch or Goodman

  4. MacFarland construction (Commissioner Teutsch)

    • After hours, weekend, holiday construction request

  5. 1416 Quincy Street, NW Project (Commissioner Halpern)

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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