Draft agenda for ANC 4C April 10th meeting


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C meets on Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library. Their draft agenda is below. Updates are published to a Google Doc.


Call to Order

Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners

  • Commissioner updates, if applicable

  • Approval of Agenda

Reading and Votes for Approval of the March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each)


  • Department of General Services, Director Keith Anderson

  • Humane Rescue Alliance


Capital bikeshare (Goodman)

  1. DDOT Recommendations

  2. Location FAQ and research

  3. Letter

Roosevelt High School Pool - Public Access (Matties)

  1. Resolution to submit letters to DC Council committees

  2. Increased support for Main Street funding and related requests (Hilley)


Odalis Restaurant (Nugent)

  • Settlement agreement (forthcoming)

Slash Run - 201 Upshur St - changing outdoor seating service time to allow for lunch service (Goodman)


ANC office internet and phone (Goodman)

DCRA resolution opposing cuts to residential housing inspectors (Nugent)

  • Resolution forthcoming

Bylaws amendment (Goodman)

  1. Per ANC bylaws this can only be introduced. No votes on this amendment can happen until this is brought up at a second meeting.

  2. Amendment (Section 8.07)

    • This would move the existing financial reimbursement policy passed in December 2017 into the bylaws

       3. Resolution for Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training and Community-facing Inclusion Initiatives (Coates)

Letter to DC CFO requesting they track costs spent on sexual harassment settlements (Goodman)

COMMUNITY COMMENT (2 minutes per speaker):

  • Please watch the light. When it turns yellow please wrap up your comments.

  • Comments about later agenda items should be held until that discussion.

  • Candidates for elected office may not use the Community Comment to promote their campaign per a decision of the Office of Campaign Finance


March  2019

Drew Schneider

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